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Personal/Professional Development Coach


 Dr. Dinorah Nieves (aka Dr. D) is a personal/professional development coach and behavioral scientist, who helps people do well and feel well by taking a whole-person approach to wellness. She helps people change the habits that get in their way. Dinorah has been featured on ABC’s “The Chew,” WE TV"s "Braxton Family Values" and OWN’s “Iyanla Fix My Life.” 



Dinorah's research-based advice and insightful commentary can also be found in her lifestyles blogs featured in the Huff Po , Sivana EastMind Body Green, XO Necole and in her self help books:

​Love YOU: 12 Ways to Be Who You Love & Love Who You Are, Love YOU: The Workbook and  Love YOU: The Latina Edition!



Dr. Nieves is a behavioral scientist with an MA in Communications and a PhD in Sociology. She is trained and certified in conflict resolution and mediation, life coaching and wellness. She spent years working as a counselor, professor and leader in executive management and brings those skills, experiences, tools and techniques to you in her capacity building workshops, presentations, trainings and talks. 

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