S.O.S. helps women identify what is causing them stress, understand the impact of their stress and learn tools for managing their stress. 


Episode #1 - New Year's Resolutions

 Episode 1 of S.O.S. focuses on New Year's Resolutions and takes an in-depth look at the pressure they induce and the peace of self-acceptance. 

Episode #2 - Valentine's Day

 Episode 2 of S.O.S. focuses on Valentine's Day, looking specifically, at the components of healthy relationships vs. the hype around romance.

Episode #3 - Fakin' the "Enlightened" Funk

 Episode 3 of S.O.S., focuses on "spiritual bypassing," or what we call, "Fakin' the 'Enlightenment' Funk." Don't deny your pain and your process because you want to believe that you're too evolved to feel pain... or because you want others to believe that you're beyond this! You have the right to your experience! Give yourself permission to feel the pain and work through the process. You'll be all the better for it. Tune in... We'll show you how! 

Episode #4 - Stress Awareness

 Episode 4 of S.O.S. focuses on stress awareness. April is National Stress Awareness Month & your girls, Dr.D & Tia Robinson are back at it again with your favorite podcast S.O.S. (Sisters Overcoming Stress). What is stress is & how do we combat it? Tune in! 

Episode #5 - Nutrition

Episode 5 of S.O.S. focuses on Nutrition. One in three adults are overweight or obese. In communities of color, it’s more like one in two. We need to be well-informed consumers of what we are putting in our bodies! Let’s start having the conversation… 


Episode #6 - Energetic Misspending

 Are you investing your energy into people and things that restore & revitalize you... or are you at an energy deficit? Let's talk about energetic overspending & misspending and how to appropriately budget your energy!

Episode #7 - Caregiver Burnout

 This episode, we're chatting about caregiver burnout and the exhaustion we feel when we over-focus on others and ignore our own needs.

Episode #8 - Headline Stress

 In this episode of S.O.S., we're talking about headline stress and how to minimize the anxiety we feel when we're plugged into the 24-hour news cycle. 

Episode #9 - Self Care

 In “A Burst of Light,” Lorde writes, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” With September being self-care awareness month, we are wrapping the month up by talking about self-care... what it means and why it matters! 

Episode #10 - Mental Health Awareness

 October 6-12 of 2019 was Mental Health Awareness Week. On our October episode of S.O.S., we're chatting it up about the prevalence of mental health conditions in our communities and how to get the support we need in everyday life. 


Episode #11 - Gratitude

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, & on episode 11 of S.O.S. Sisters Overcoming Stress, we are talking about the #process & purpose of gratitude! 

Episode #12 - Ambition Addiction

 On this episode of S.O.S. (Sisters Overcoming Stress), we are talking about ambition addiction and the downside of being so driven toward future goals, that you are not fully present in the good you have already created. Sound familiar? Are you addicted to ambition? Check out the conversation!

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Watch Episode #9 of S.O.S. - Self Care

Watch Episode #10 of S.O.S. - Mental Health Awareness

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