Love YOU, walks us through a decade of painful romances, in Dinorah Nieves’ 20s. Each left her back in her long-time, on-again off-again, affair with loneliness. Yet, this tale of love gone wrong, is also the blueprint for how to get life right. Raw emotion, urban poetry and a world of wellness are stitched together to offer you 12 practical ways to immediately begin finding health, happiness and success. So, you want to stop feeling alone, afraid and stuck? Learn how to feel well, loved, connected and free with Love YOU’s hands-on, research-proven, ways to practice self-love.

In Love YOU: The Latina Edition, Dinorah speaks specifically to the “Latina” piece of her experience, touching on “novelas”, “jamonas” and other cultural nuances. This special edition includes sections dedicated to, and specifically written for, her “hermanas”.

In Love YOU: The Workbook, Dinorah Nieves offers readers assessments, prayers, reflections, and planning tools, in addition to 24 guided activities to help them improve their sense of well-being across the eight dimensions of wellness that helped to push her out of a painful affair with loneliness and into a blissful, loving relationship with herself. You see, Love YOU: The Workbook is a companion piece to Love YOU: 12 Ways to Be Who You Love & Love Who You Are. 

Love YOU: The Journal, is a year-long diary that guides users through a weekly practice in wellness and self-care. In it, author and coach, Dinorah Nieves (Dr.D) walks you through a 4-step process that you can try just once per week, to begin releasing your worries, revealing your truest fears, requesting what you desire and reveling in what’s great! 

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